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Vergiss mein nicht!

An application for location-based memorials

In the flood of information to which we are exposed every day, stories only remain with us for a short period of time. As a result, many events and stories are suppressed and forgotten. How many places and secrets do we pass by every day in our daily lives without knowing their backgrounds? What if these forgotten places and stories could flourish once again? The application „Vergiss mein nicht!“ deals with this topic. Using the city of Augsburg as an example, forgotten places are given a stage on which they can blossom once again and be recalled. The application makes use of your daily companion, the smartphone, and offers a brief moment of refuge from the digital rapids of current times through location-based storytelling. Let yourself be swept away into forgotten times and events and listen once again to the long lost stories before our time. From this you will receive a memory card with all the relevant information to keep in your memory.

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